Déhora facilitates performance growth through the optimal deployment of human capital. We work for employers,
    trade unions and other organisations; both in the profit and non-profit sectors. We work internationally from our
    offices in Holland, Belgium, Poland. Whatever your workforce planning / scheduling problem
    might be, Déhora Consultancy Group has the people, tools & experience to help you solve it.
    We can find the optimal match of man and work through strategic workforce optimisation.
    Déhora can help you by putting the right person at the right place, at the right time.
    In practical terms, this means that we assist clients with planning services like:
    > consultancy
    > research
    > training & development
    > recruitment
    > interim staff
    > software services
    > outsourcing

    Planning your future

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    For a long time, the phrase “workforce management” perfectly described the collection of products and services
    that Déhora provided to partners and clients. However, in recent years we have started to focus more
    and more on the next step in workforce management: workforce optimisation.
    Workforce optimisation involves all management aspects of the complete workforce life
    cycle and provides insights into the performance of the workforce. By efficient and
    effective management, operational efficiency is improved. Workforce optimisation
    involves automating processes, increasing the availability of key data and ensuring
    compliance with a wide range of relevant legislation. Workforce optimisation creates
    synergy between HR, operations and IT and helps to solve business problems.
    Workforce management starts with a clear definition of the quantity and quality of work
    that is required. The next step is identifying the employees that are required to perform all
    the required tasks. Workforce management turns into workforce optimisation when the entire
    process is taken into account. Workforce optimisation is a complete approach, designed to
    make your workforce more productive, reduce labor costs, and improve customer service.

    Planning your future

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    We aim to achieve ‘structural flexibility’ - the situation where sudden changes (w.r.t. workforce, regulations,
    supply & demand, etc.) don’t disrupt the regular business processes of an organisation. Flexible working
    hours offer opportunities for employers, employees and customers. This principle applies to
    almost every organisation in almost every line of business - especially in times of crisis.
    During difficult times, businesses are confronted with external forces they can not control.
    That means that they have to make the most out of the elements they CAN control, like
    the optimal utilisation of their workforce.
    Thanks to new insights and new technologies, it is now possible for organisations to
    achieve a state of ‘structural flexibility’. This is a situation where they are able to respond
    quickly and adequately to every challenge - even after the organisation has said goodbye
    to interim staff and/or has implemented shorter working hours.
    Needless to say, employers and employees with a “9-to-5 mentality” won’t be able to
    make the most of the opportunities that structural flexibility provides.

    Planning your future

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    Déhora puts the right person at the right place, at the right time. When the right person with the right
    competencies works in the right position, the motivation improves - and with it the performance.
    At that moment, the person stands in his or her strength. In that situation, he or she can
    deliver the maximum performance.
    This situation can be achieved by determining the necessary competencies for an
    organisation to achieve its goals. It is also necessary to work out which competencies
    are required to perform the tasks that belong to a certain function. An employee needs
    to have the job specific skills that are necessary to contribute to the objectives of the
    Within the cadre of recruitment or development, it needs to be determined through testing
    and interviews whether or not the candidate possesses the right competences, motivation
    and skills. If that’s the case, the work can begin right away - if not, a development process
    will start (including training and coaching) to help the employee to “get in his power”.

    Planning your future

    All this needs to be considered from the viewpoint of the workload and finds a basis in the ‘QQP’ model; quality, quantity & power.



    Labour legislation and regulations (also known as employment law) is the body of laws, administrative rulings
    and precedents which address legal rights and restrictions dealing with employees and their organisations.
    Labour legislation and regulations deal with many aspects of the relationship between trade
    unions, employers and employees.
    Part of the activities of Déhora involve consultancy in this area, but we’ve also
    developed software to help employers and employees make the most of a given
    amount of time. Our most important tool in this area is Working Time Office (WTO);
    a solution that helps planners to plan a department. Take some time now and find
    out that you too can improve your current Excel® planning.
    From now on, you too can go home on time...
    You can find more information about WTO on www.workingtimeoffice.com.

    Planning your future

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    Workforce planning can be a complex matter, especially when you are dealing with night shifts or weekend shifts.
    Labour laws and regulations can complicate matters further. Our software division supplies and implements
    standard planning software as well as custom made solutions and web applications. Before we
    propose a solution, we make sure to make a thorough analysis. It has taken us over 25 years
    to develop an integrated portfolio of planning products and services.
    Our comprehensive full service approach gives Déhora a unique position within the market.
    Around plan optimisation software we provide the following services;
     • Software selection & optimalisation
     • Time Care for self rostering
     • Icron for custom made APS
     • WTO, WTE and dashboard
     • Analysis, research, development and implementation
    Furthermore, we provide consultancy, recruitment and training of management & staff.

    Planning your future

    Feel free to contact us if you would like to know how we can help improve your business. We look forward to making time for you.

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Are you realising your organisation’s full potential?
Déhora specialises in the alignment of planning staff and the optimisation
of work processes. We try to achieve a sustainable balance between
professional goals and individual interests. Déhora designs and
implements solutions that are supported at all relevant levels
of the organisation. We are more than happy to assist our
clients with issues regarding labour, flexibility, efficiency,
time management, capacity management, cost control,
outsourcing, business and working hours.

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