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    About Déhora
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    Full service workforce planning Déhora is a multi-disciplinary agency, providing a 'full service' approach to your workforce planning. This means … Read more >>>

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Déhora is especially well suited to support organisations that are characterised by a certain degree of complexity and unpredictability in their workforce planning.


Research Planning

Déhora's 'Research' division conducts independent, objective and qualified research for a wide range of clients in many different industries.


Planning Software

Déhora assist clients with selecting the best planning software for their organisation. Our ultimate objective is finding the optimal solution to your specific planning problems.


Training & Development

Trainers of Déhora Academy work closely with the specialists of our consultancy and research divisions. That way, our clients can make the most of our broad area of expertise in the area of workforce planning.


Planning As A Service

By outsourcing (part of) your workforce planning to Déhora's team of experienced planning professionals, your own staff will be able to (efficiently and effectively) focus on your core business.


Interim Planners

Planners play a crucial role in many organisations, so a (temporary) shortage of planning staff can be a serious problem. We provide fast and reliable support with experienced planning professionals.

International experience

With over 25 years of international planning experience (and offices in Holland, Belgium and Poland), Déhora can provide a unique perspective on workforce planning.

Full service approach

We are able to support the workforce planning of your organisation through a wide range of services, including research, consultancy, interim staff and planning software.

Structural flexibility

We aim to achieve ‘structural flexibility’ - the situation where sudden workforce changes don’t disrupt the regular business processes of an organisation.